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With our academic partners EES has developed a proprietary modular PEMFC stack architecture resulting in significant reductions in both overall stack weight and bipolar plate manufacturing and material costs.

EES has extensive experience in PEMFC; materials, testing and Balance of Plant (BoP)/system integration and is always keen to use this experience in forming new partnerships to meet the challenges that PEMFC technologies present.


Euro Energy Solutions Ltd. (EES) was formed in 2009 as an engineering company committed to providing alternative energy solutions across a wide range of applications. EES specialises in low temperature polymer membrane electrolyte fuel cell (PEMFC) technology operating globally out of our UK HQ in Enfield, London.

EES is a committed supplier of quality PEMFC materials, components and testing systems for various research or industrial applications. We aim to deliver diverse and bespoke fuel cell products for single cell, stack or system level that fulfill all our customer requirements.

Collaborating with our clients and partners EES has developed a proprietary modular PEMFC stack architecture reducing stack weight and manufacturing costs. With this technology and others we are looking to form new partnerships to provide better PEMFC; design, operating systems and performance while increasing efficiency and lowering costs.

At EES our dedicated team of engineering consultants can offer their technical expertise and testing of PEMFC materials, MEAs, single cells, stacks and operational systems as part of an approachable and detailed explanatory service.

We at Euro Energy Solutions (EES) are committed to offering a quality selection of PEMFC; catalysts, gas diffusion layers and electrodes, membranes, complete membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) and single cell and stack test systems.

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