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At EES we can perform a variety of testing protocols and conditions on up to 1 kW PEMFC stacks. Additionally we can implement health monitoring of both the stack and the BoP/system integration.

At EES we offer an amenable and detailed explanatory consultancy service ultilising our deep knowledge base and technical expertise of PEMFC materials and systems to support both academic and industrial customers.


At EES we offer a wide range of services thanks to our dedicated team of engineers with diverse backgrounds in the energy and power industries.

Our facility at EES has a wide range of testing abilities for various size MEAs. We can evaluate the overall MEA behavior via the testing and analysis of; performance and durability, MEA resistance, CV and AC impedance measurements.

EES has experience in collaborative research on PEMFC systems and design. We are keen to take part in joint research opportunities and offer our technical help in PEMFC; materials, diagnostics, computer-aided design and BoP/system integration

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