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Above is a guide of our product range, therefore if you need products that are not listed do not hesitate to contact us with your customisations or requirements.

We at Euro Energy Solutions (EES) are committed to offering a quality selection of PEMFC; catalysts, gas diffusion layers and electrodes, membranes, catalyst coated membranes, 3 and 3+2 layer membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs), Nafion ionomer dispersions, gaskets, single cell and stack hardware, fuel cell system parts and complete fuel cell test stations.

Catalyst Powders

5g of standard Pt catalysts for PEMFC applications containing 10%, 20%, 40% or 60% Pt on Vulcan XC-72 carbon support are available.

Larger quantities and alternative catalysts or carbon-supports are available on request.

Gas Diffusion Layers (GDL)

We can supply PTFE treated and untreated carbon cloth, Avcarb P50 / Toray 030-120 / Sigracet 10, 24, 25, 34, 35 carbon papers and 4.6 mm or 6 mm graphite felt. Standard treatment is 25 wt% PTFE but custom treatments are available in the range of 5 wt% to 40 wt%.

Contact us for custom GDLs.

Gas Diffusion Electrodes (GDE)

GDE standard electrode is 10 wt% and 20 wt% Pt/C on Toray 060 or carbon cloth, electrodes can also be with or without Nafion treatment.

Customised electrodes are available on request, see table (picture link) for common variations.


We can provide various proton-exchange membranes (PEMs) for fuel cells and electrolysers use, the common non-reinforced Nafion 117 (183 µm), Nafion 115 (127 µm), Nafion NR212 (50.8 µm), Nafion NR211 (25.4 µm) and the PTFE reinforced Nafion XL (25.7 µm) and Nafion HP (20.3 µm).

We can also supply alternative membranes on request.

Catalyst Coated Membranes (CCM)

We offer 3-layer MEAs (without GDL) of 5cm x 5cm active area, 7.5cm x 7.5cm border area and standard catalyst loading of A/C 0.2/0.4 mg/cm2 on either Nafion NR212, Nafion XL or Nafion HP.

For customised active area, catalyst loading or alternative membranes please contact us.

Minimum order of 10 pieces required.

Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEAs)

We can provide 3+2-layer MEAs (with GDL) of 2.3cm x 2.3cm to 8.4cm x 8.4cm active area, 10cm x 10cm to 15cm x 15cm border area, 2.3cm x 2.3cm to 8.8cm x 8.8cm of Sigracet 24BC GDL area and standard catalyst loading of A/C 0.2/0.4 mg/cm2 on either Nafion NR212, Nafion XL or Nafion HP.

For customised active area, catalyst loading, alternative membranes or GDLs please view the table (picture link) for common variations or contact us.

Nafion Ionomer and PTFE Dispersions

We offer Teflon (PTFE) emulsions and water or alcohol based Nafion solutions of 5 wt%, 10 wt% and 20 wt% from 25mL to 500mL.

If you require custom dispersions please contact us.


We can supply pre-cut and raw (30cm x 30cm) gasket material from four materials; silicone, Teflon, Teflon coated fiberglass and silicon coated fiberglass in thicknesses of 165µm, 200µm, 250µm, 300µm and 400µm. The reinforced fiberglass can be used in high temperature (>120°C) applications whereas the silicone can be used in <100°C applications.

For custom gasket materials or design please contact us.

Single Cell Hardware

We offer PEMFC single cells at 1 cm2, 5 cm2, 25 cm2, 50 cm2 and 100 cm2 active area with Poco graphite monopolar plates in serpentine, column, straight channel or interdigitated flow patterns. The cell comes with gold coated copper current collectors, heating mats if required and a conditioned MEA with gaskets.

If you require a custom single cell PEMFC design or a single cell for electrolyser or flow battery applications please contact us.

Stack Hardware

We can provide air or water cooled 7 cell stack with 50cm2 active area of serpentine, straight channel or interdigitated flow pattern with an energy rating of ~50W. Custom stacks of this design are available up to 20 cells, contact us for further details.

We also have air cooled 2, 5, 10 or 18 cell PEMFC stacks ranging from open-circuit voltages (OCV) of 1.9V, 4.9V, 9.8V and 18V, respectively, and water cooled PEMFC stacks with power ratings of 500W or 1000W.

Fuel Cell System Parts

We can provide BoP parts such as; back pressure regulators, back pressure control modules, moisture traps, pressure sensors, mass flow controllers, mass flow meters, PID temperature controllers, stack humidifiers, flexible stainless steel insulated and heated gas transfer lines, flat silicon or rod heaters and much more, contact us.

Fuel Cell Test Stations

We offer a complete fuel cell test system ranging from 125W, 500W or 1000W with optional modules for various diagnostics and control systems, e.g. potentiostat, temperature and stack monitoring and back pressure control.

For further information please look at the table (picture link) of the systems available or contact us.

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